Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions.

Can I see the whole article before I subscribe?

We offer only excerpted content only prior to subscription to protect our intellectual property.

What about Compliance?

Our articles do not mention products or companies, and we don't use promissory language. Some advisors will need to have the articles reviewed by compliance, but it shouldn't be difficult to meet compliance approval.

Can I alter the wording and images?

Yes. You can edit content to make it your own and make any compliance-required changes. Also, you can add branding and calls to action that make the content uniquely yours. 

The free stock photos accompanying articles can be licensed through the indicated website.

Can I put my branding on these articles?


How do I download articles?

Just log in to The Advisor Content Library with your user ID and password. If you opt for a themed 3-article bundle, you can download the specifically-designated articles as described in the licensing agreement.

Are these articles FINRA approved?

Toole Bertz & Associates, LLC is not a FINRA firm. FINRA declined to review the articles for our firm, but will review them for a FINRA firm, if necessary.

What if I have trouble accessing the articles?

Contact us. We’re happy to help you resolve any issues.

Can the library automatically download articles to a newsletter or blog?

No. You will need to manually load the articles into your newsletter or onto your blog, but that should give you an SEO boost.