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No matter the audience – retail clients, financial advisors, wholesalers, plan sponsors, plan participants, or asset managers – adopting the client’s point-of-view makes content resonate.

Creating client’s-point-of-view content often requires a shift in perspective. Just as features are different from benefits, the reason information is vital to you is quite different from the reason it is important to your clients.

Toole Bertz & Associates can help you craft the right message and deliver financial content that attracts new clients, educates current clients, and inspires prospective clients to act.

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The Advisor Content Library

Find an article you like, buy it, and:

  • Post it on a blog,
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  • Publish it in a newsletter, or
  • E-mail it to clients.

Themed 3-article bundles also are available.  Current themes include:

  • Stay Calm In Turbulent Times
  • Trivia and Innovations
  • Retirement Distributions
  • Prepare for the Bear